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In accordance with the UK Government and the introduction of the relevant fluid guidelines in relation to COVID-19, VIEW YOUR SPACE staff members that interact directly with customers the following steps will be taken.

VIEW YOUR SPACE staff will at all times maintain 2 metre distance from the customer, additionally they will ask the owner/tenant/estate agent that grant them access to the premises to leave while the scan takes place. VIEW YOUR SPACE staff will wear face coverings while on site. Prior to entering the "space" our operator will use antibacterial hand wash and wear rubber gloves, our equipment will also be cleaned with antibacterial prior to entering and on exit from the "space".

Contact details :-

View Your Space,

39 High Road, 

Rayleigh, Essex, UK. SS6 7SA 

Telephone (Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm) +44 (0)1268 313131

Email us via this website contact form


View Your Space is a trading name of Neil Harris.

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