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We are always happy and proud to show our work which can cover many business sectors. We have chosen to break it down into three main areas as shown below. However there are other vertical markets where our product set could be deployed and only your imagination will restrict the use of this technology in assisting your business taking advantage of the benefits it offers. We would love the chance to work in partnership to create a unique solution just for you. 



- Estate Agency -



Today's media savvy buyer wants more than just a floor plan, half a dozen pictures showing only the good bits and a few descriptive words. Do sellers really want multiple visits, having to live in an unrealistic, dust free, clutter free world just in case the Estate Agent calls with another viewing. Most sellers would rather have people view their property without the inconvenience or having them traipsing around and having to answer the same questions time and time again.

We now have a millennial generation soon to become renters, owners who have mobile devices on 24/7 and buy/sell everything else in their lives online. Home visits won't go away but the number of visits to see listings will decrease greatly but will be more focussed. Who thought on-line food shopping would catch on? One word, Ocado. Also remember when dating was face to face, now people choose their partners on-line why not their homes.

Porta Romana


- Leisure & Retail -



These are two business sectors that can really make the most from our software as it gives them the ability to be both on and off line at the same time. Although we all know Amazon as the retail unit of the web the problem is you lose the real ability to look around and come across a bargain or the ideal item that you have been looking for which can happen if wandering around a "real" shop or a virtual one. As for the leisure sector, when you book online wouldn't you like to know that you have a great table with a view, away from the bar area or toilets before you turn up. All this can be checked with a virtual tour. Another obvious use are venues that sell tickets for a seated audience and can show exactly what view you will get of the stage, venue.


Public Spaces

- Schools, Museums & Churches -



The statement above is valid pre or post Covid-19...The ability to visit spaces whenever you want. 

In today's world where everyone wants to see or show everything we have the ideal toolset to allow your space to be seen anywhere in the world at anytime on any network on any device*. Why not take control of what you show and when you allow these area's to be seen. Our services are cloud based so you can open and close the doors very easily and we can provide you with viewing statistics.


Speak up for your business or organisation. Don't let rating websites speak for you. Open the doors to your venue to the public before they arrive. 

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