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10 reasons to use 3D virtual tours as your property management tool

Life as a property owner can be stressful, from advertising, maintenance, security, viewings, through to payments. Luckily, we are here to offer you a one stop shop for all of these things, to help maximise your profits and make your life easier.

We can offer you a great digital property management system, created by our 3D virtual tour software, which is advantageous for all parties involved; the owner, management agent and tenant.

  1. Marketing the property; using virtual tours statistically increases clicks and viewings, whilst the virtual staging we offer can easily speed up the letting process

  2. An open house tour; show from 2 to 50 attendees the property virtually without having to inconvenience the seller

  3. Complete pictorial documentation; of every part of the property, for insurance and general maintenance purposes

  4. Floor plans; comprehensive plans in 2D, 3D, black & white and colour

  5. In-tour measuring; ideal for planning furniture and any maintenance that is needed

  6. Support links to payment systems; easy and automated, no need for any late payment excuses

  7. Safety instructions and certificates; all of the property paperwork can be documented and attached to the digital twin.

  8. Extractable 3D data files; ideal for contractors if any building work is required

  9. One page website; to enhance your marketing, we can include this for your property

  10. Password protected software; turn on once occupied and off when advertising

Our 3D software solution is all you need to effectively manage the properties you own or manage on behalf of your clients. Don't just accept what we say, get in touch and take a look at a demo to see all of these benefits for yourself, we are ready for your call.


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