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We all have to accept some people can visualise how a space can look and other need to see it. It doesn't matter how you describe what the end result of a room, a house or other space and your and or need to make your potential customer to see what you can you will need to show it to them.

It doesn't matter how good a salesperson you are, how many years you have been selling our virtual staging tool will make your life so much easier and the cost versus losing a customer by confusing them or not getting your vision across is a drop in the ocean.

We offer two options, one a single fixed position image for a room which is generally all that is required or an entire property walkthrough. Our example shown is for fixed position image however a complete house, flat/appartment or office could have been created following completion of first fix. This means you can now market the property well in advance of it's completion which mean the developer can recoup his money sooner and you are how the agent to use, it make you fee effectively free.
virtual staging
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