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360 tours don't sell wedding venues alone!

For couples planning their wedding day it’s one decision nightmare. Gone are the days of church or registry office followed by community hall. Now it's castles, manor houses, quirky old buildings and far away beaches. Having spoken to a number of these venue types we realise the 360 virtual tour alone won’t sell it, however it does give the venue an advantage in attracting potential brides to come and visit in person, plus helps the couple explain and more importantly show the venue to other family members and help with probably the most important decision to be made, other than the dress of course...

A venue with a 360 tour can also be used at wedding fares, don’t think this is an online only tool. Once you have a couple or group showing interest what better way to help your sale than walking them through the venue on a iPad (other devices can be used) as if they were there but with the added value of your commentary and when they leave your stand to visit others which will obviously happen, you let them go with the knowledge that you could have shown them no more. Also with the Matterport this can also be done with the use of a VR (virtual reality) headset that really immerses them in your space.

As part of our service you will get both a 2D floor plan which is ideal for laying out the tables, dance floor, DJ and/or band plus a host of other items now found at weddings such as photo booths, etc. We also provide a 3D view of the venue in a “dolls house” style that can be turned on it’s axis so the potential customer can familiarise themselves and help visualise the overall layout.

Finally, use Matterport built-in ability to enhance the virtual tour experience by adding “hotspots” (MatterTags) to either assist couples planning their big day with reminders and tips and/or up-sell other services you may offer independently or through working with your partners to integrate their online content into the tour.


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