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Case Study - Your global showroom?

The past two years have not been easy. Especially for international trade, your remote agents and resellers haven't been able to get up close to the products they sell on your behalf.

One of our customers, Porta Romana, who create luxury lighting products have their main showroom at Chelsea Harbour, London. When the pandemic struck, their sales director didn't waste any time. Initially, we created a 3D virtual tour, so their agents and resellers could still access their London showroom.

Once we made them aware that they could link all of their products to each item on the company's website they, again, wasted no time. Around 350 of their products from the walkthrough tour were linked to each website page. Providing data on availability, price, and optional colours. This process took around three days or so. Moving forward as products change, this has been a less onerous task.

We decided to use the Matterport Inc third-party skin from Treedis Inc based in Isreal as the software to handle this task, which allowed us to hand over the bulk of the administration to the Porta Romana marketing team as they were familiar with their products. Treedis provided us with the feature to create "agents" with the relevant rights to create virtual in-tour meetings with their end customers. This is a “zoom like” meeting but with the added benefit that attendees are shown around the showroom.

Now the remote agents and resellers can virtually meet their clients in the showroom on a one to one basis or one too many, privately, which means this can happen independently of other agents and resellers. This couldn't happen before going virtual, so now the agents and resellers clients feel they have exclusive VIP access to the showroom.

Our first capture date was mid-2020 once they had the correct products on-site and displayed as they wanted. Additional scans have taken place every six month to cater for new season releases. To move the product data links between scans we employed the services of Homeplan, based in New Zealand, which have a tool they developed just for this purpose.

Using the service of an Austrian based company this can be developed further to add an Augmented Reality overlay so physical visitors to the showroom can benefit from the product data, simply by pointing their smartphone at the relevant product.

If you would like to use this method of giving your sales agent or reseller access to the products they sell, we would be happy to assist you.

Please call +44 (0)1268 313131 or use our contact page.


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