Is it me? It's worth reading to the end.

I've only worked in the world of 3D virtual reality tours for about four years. Like most people who start work in a new field, I was very excited about it being fresh with lots to learn and amazed at what I could achieve in a relatively young arena. My background was working in I.T. for the previous 35+ years. But after four years in, I'm already becoming despondent with the view of my potential customers.

I'm no salesperson, but I feel potential customers have their minds made up before I even start a conversation about the benefits my company can bring by using this technology. The advancement in the technology I've seen in the past four years has been significant, plus these improvements can be applied to all the old models I've created from day one. I couldn't have said this in my old I.T. world; if I'd tried to apply new software to old operating systems or hardware, it would have probably been met with "computer says no".

When I get given time by potential customers interested, the first question without fail is on cost, now I know price plays a part, but this is before they see what can be achieved. I don't avoid answering their cost questions, and nearly all can't believe how inexpensive the tours are, and I'm not given my time away for free. On completion, I'm met with "wow, that's great", "fantastic" or "that's so clever". The last tour I created was for an estate agent, the property was purchased from the first viewing of the virtual tour and believe me when I say, "it wasn't the most attractive flat I've ever been in".

So I have concluded that the product I'm selling is misunderstood, customers can't see the benefits, or there is a disconnect between perceived and actual costs. Hence, businesses give the service a wide birth.

I would love to get your feedback on 3D/360 virtual tours, so please get in touch via my website, phone or email. If you take the time to do this and allow me time to show your business ways they could benefit from one of our tours, I will happily discount the hosting fees by 100% for the first year for taking the time to chat.