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The 3D tour world, post lockdown.

As we start to edge towards the end of this lockdown in the UK, what has it taught us about the 3D virtual world?

Firstly, the pandemic has made people a lot more reliant on technology than ever before. From uprooting their office lives to home, a sharp increase in online purchasing, increased communication methods, as well as webinars and virtual events being hosted. Secondly, throughout all lockdowns, virtual tours allowed various industries to continue to progress, from purchasing excessive amounts of toilet roll, house viewing from a sofa to virtually exploring a museum.

Although it will still be some time before a return to a pre-Covid life, a lot of people will remain wary and may feel uncomfortable doing things they once did without a second thought, what we can see at least is a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Whilst, like you, we don't know what the future will hold, what we do know is that the advantages of having a 3D tour for various spaces such as houses, shops, showrooms, education, tourism, leisure and AEC will still stand. We know that our tours win our clients more business - pandemic or not.

3 simple things that a 3D virtual tour can do for you:

  1. Saves travel costs and time

  2. A more successful marketing tool, winning you more business

  3. Maintains social distancing and future proofs your business

We understand there is no one size fits all model so we want to explain the advantages of a tour, post lockdown, for a few of our industries.


Want to sell quickly? With the tax allowance tap turning off from the 30th of June, it is imperative to stand out in the current housing boom - marketing a house has never been so important. With our 3D tours, you can benefit from socially distanced viewings and still host open house events whilst also benefitting from property management tools.


Travel outside the UK will have restraints for the foreseeable future. Whilst staycation may be the answer for the remainder of this year when the world opens back up, the UK travel industry needs to be on top of its marketing game, secure a 3D tour today for your property or tourism site. Aside from marketing, a virtual tour can also put your business at the top of a sustainable agenda. There is an increasing awareness of the ecological impact of tourism and 'over-tourism,' hence a lot of tourist sites may see a rise in people touring, virtually.


We know that online shopping isn't a new phenomenon that has arrived since the pandemic however it did see a huge rise, especially from products that people would tend to pop to their local high street or shopping centre for. We are unsure how the return of the high street will go but what we do know is our software with Google street view will allow your store to stand out above the rest.


Throughout Covid, our education system has only recently got a handle on how to teach children from afar. However, if they had virtual tours, interactive classrooms and in-tour classes could have made things a lot easier for parents. Now that schools are back functioning, why not look to the future for children that may have to self-isolate at home for several days. Universities can also benefit from virtual spaces, where seminars and workshops can be held for students meaning they don't miss out.

International markets

There are a lot of industries with international markets. Our clients with an international reach will hugely benefit from a 3D virtual tour. For example, showroom owners can still market and interact, through in-tour video meetings, with international markets.

The pandemic has uprooted a normality that we thought was here to stay, but like everything, change can come with huge benefits. One of those being the advantages of virtual tours whilst originally for social distancing purposes, client are now seeing the other advantages and aligning these with their marketing.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.


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