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End of lockdown will mean return to work planning.

It’s no surprise that the majority of people are desperate to return to work following the enforced break for both financial and mental health reasons. However for those who manage or who are responsible for ensuring a safe return to work, under whatever guidelines are specified. your business will obviously have to be well organised to take into account social distancing space which at this time is assumed, plus any other guidelines the government may specify, there will be lots of planning required.

Here at View Your Space we have a great toolset that can be used both for the planning and the execution of the plan which can be updated live as the social distancing and other guidelines change.

Prior to any return we can visit your work space while closed wearing PPE (our equipment is wiped with antibiotic wipes pre and post our visit) and provide you with a 3D virtual model along with 2D floor plans showing both metric and imperial measurements. Using either this data and/or our on screen 360 virtual tour software will allow you to measure any point to point distance so you can create a layout that meets social distancing guidelines.

This model can then be shared with your staff in advance of their return to the workplace with detailed information in relation to specific areas such as use new workplace layouts, lifts/staircases, canteen areas, toilet areas, etc, this can be modified and updated in real time.

The return to work will probably vary per business sector so being well organised may help you get an advantage over your competition. Another consideration dependant upon your business type post the return and when "normality" is return you could use the scan data from a number of other uses, such as looking a your facility management costs. We work along side a specialist in this arena that use A.I. software to access costs in the contract cleaning sector. 


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