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Post Corona Virus we will all need a holiday.

I think it goes without saying that once Covid-19 is under control and controls on the restrictions are lifted we will all be heading to the travel sites to book breaks or longer holidays.

The one thing I wasn't aware of was of the 67 million people in the UK around 14 million have a disability, some of which can affect their holiday. However the holidays can be relatively stress free with forward planning. So a venue with a 3D / 360 immersive virtual tour will allow them or their carer the ability to forsee any possible problems and discuss with the hotel or accommodation owner ways to resolve in advance and therefore not spoiling their holiday.

As a hotel or other accommodation type owner these 14 million people represents around 21% of the total UK market share and there is of course a bigger global market to attract. Having the ability to attract this volume of business should not be ignored.

Plus using our technology to scan your environment will provide you with all the data such as floorplans and other technical data that could assist architects and builders to carry out any needed changes to attract this market segment.

As for timing, there could not be a better time than now. While your destination is closed, clean and tidy and without guests will allow us to carry out the scan in a safe environment. We will wear PPE (gloves, shoe covers and mask) and our kit is wiped with antibacterial wipes before and after any visit during “lockdown”.


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