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Preparing your home for 3D/360 virtual tour capture.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Throughout "lockdown" due to COVID-19 a number of UK estate agents adapted their way of operating and moved to using 3D/360 virtual tours to continue showing properties via virtual viewings. We worked with Butler & Stag and others. This partnership continues post lockdown typically on homes valued £1M plus, but not exclusively as less expensive properties can benefit from this technology too. However one thing we at View Your Space have noticed is the lack of preparation by the seller post a visit from the photographer and View Your Space camera operator, so below is a tick list that in the ideal world a seller would do prior to carrying out the shoot so the best results are achieved.

What is the difference between the traditional estate agent photographer and a virtual tour creator (VTC) capturing your home to attract buyers via imagery for Rightmove and other platforms. A photographer once on site can stage independent areas of the home to capture the relevant photo so any items in their viewfinder can easily be moved out the way while that one shot is taken, before they move onto the next. The VTC however will scan the entire home missing nothing so items must be put out sight for the total time the VTC is on site.

We believe by following the steps listed here will result in a more attractive end result and therefore will impress potential viewers.

  1. Declutter everywhere - Less is more.

  2. Lights on, check all bulbs working in advance - The VTC will require all the lights on all the time for best results, bright homes are more attractive than poorly lit properties.

  3. Clean / wipe down all surfaces - Photographs and virtual tours scans miss nothing.

  4. Hover / brush / mop floors - Photographs and virtual tours scans miss nothing.

  5. Place fresh (or plastic) flowers in kitchen & living room - You are creating an impression.

  6. Remove Tea Towels, Oven Gloves, Washing utensils - Nobody wants to know how you clean it, they just want to see it clean and shining.

  7. Place a full fruit bowl (plastic works too) in kitchen - You are creating a impression.

  8. A made up breakfast tray in master bedroom - You are creating a impression.

  9. Additionally pillows in bedrooms - Give's that impression of luxury.

  10. Ironed bed coverings (yes, we are not mad…) - Untidy covering makes the whole room look messy.

  11. Empty bathroom of cleaning products/teeth cleaning items and toilet paper - Nobody wants to know how you clean it, they just want to see it clean and shining.

  12. Only have matching towels on show - Otherwise hide out of sight.

  13. Private papers, pictures (if blurring is not sufficient), medicine, anything that can be used by a third-party.

  14. If outside spaces are part of the shot - That too will need to be uncluttered and tidied up, remember outside spaces a big attraction post full lockdown.

  15. The Brits love their pets - However some potential buyers though will disagree, so we don't wish to capture "Rover" or "Kitty" on the tours including their named bowls so they will need to leave the property while we do our thing.

A frequently asked question is how long will our VTC be on site, every home is different so the time will vary, however the average time to scan a typical 4 bed house is around 75 to 90 minutes.


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