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Sail into the future with a 360 virtual tour.

What is it that makes 3D/360 virtual tour technology work so well for the yachting industry? Firstly, yachts boast a host of really cool gadgets and unique features which cannot be adequately described using words or standard imagery, therefore virtual tours create huge opportunities within the industry, which are advantageous for all aspects of yachting.

Immersive tours can be used from the beginning, capturing precise imagery of a yacht build process. This manages the owners expectations and increases transparency throughout a build, minimising last minute problems further down the line. It can also be used as a visual tool for the interior design.

When it comes to buying and selling a yacht, everyone knows it takes a lot more than a simple advert, it is a time consuming process. A virtual reality solution significantly aids this process by getting ahead of competitors and convincing potential clients. These tours allow the client to get a true feel of what its like to be onboard, from the sun pads to the master cabin. Virtual tours are much more immersive than 2D photography, enabling increased engagement to the yacht. These tours also benefit the charter brokers by turning interest into bookings faster, guests can take a yacht tour and will be able to picture themselves in particular cabins, or where they will sip their champagne before they even step onboard. Virtual tours can also be used to identify the quality and specific layout of the yacht, for insurance purposes, in case of any damage claims.

For crewed yachts, 3D/360 virtual tours can play a huge role in crew training and handovers. Through the use of ‘MatterTags’ and floor plans, new crew can use the virtual tour as a familiarisation tool and also within their health and safety training. A 3D/360 tour can also be used in place of, or to accompany a face to face handover, eliminating the need for pages and pages of notes. The tours are more interactive than 2D drawings, they provide a comprehensive visual of where things are, they highlight access hatches and can link appliances to specific manuals and videos. An archived tour can then be used as a crew referral document.

Whether you are a yacht owner, crew, a broker or a marketing agency, at View Your Space we can create virtual tours for you as a tool to enable you to differentiate your yacht from others and improve crew training, within the yachting industry.


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