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The Staycation Race

With Boris giving us the green light for staycations, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the UK holiday market will be booming this summer. So the race is on, to attract those holidaymakers who are seeking alternatives to international travel.

This is the news every UK holiday accommodation owner can wish for, with holidaymakers desperate for a change of scenery from the four walls they have been stuck behind, the demand is undoubtedly there.

So, why would you need us to assist you with marketing your holiday accommodation business?

It is important, now, more than ever to rise above your competition to ensure that you are making up for significant losses that resulted from the pandemic. Whilst bookings are on the rise, you want to ensure those bookings are actually made with you. Including a 3D immersive tour on your website and social platforms is a simple and easy way to stand out amongst others. Properties with a virtual tour included are clicked, on average, 10 times more than those without one.

As well as helping sales, a 3D tour could also improve your customer service. How many times do you have to run through the same introduction? How many times do you have to update the information pack? How many phone calls do you get about how to use the appliances? This is where the ongoing visits and calls stop, we can enable you to meet your customers virtually to take them on a guided tour, explain everything and answer any pre-arrival questions.

Another advantage of a 3D tour for your accommodation property is for insurance purposes. We fear that holidaymakers may let their hair down a lot more than usual once this lockdown is lifted which may result in property damage. A 3D tour which cannot be edited can act as perfect pictorial aid, for pre and post evidence when presented to an insurance company to speed up claims or even rectifying any disagreements with the holidaymaker themselves.

Our virtual tours are the ideal promotional tool. They will give your website that ‘wow’ factor, especially at this time as millions of staycationers across the UK are looking for that perfect break away, you can offer them to ‘try before they buy’. Once the world continues to lift lockdowns and global travel is back on the cards, the holiday market will increase even more, so be ready to be one step ahead of your competition and book in your virtual tour with us today.


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