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We must learn the lessons from Notre Dame…

The image above is from inside the Notre Dame cathedral and is just one angle of one view from the inside of this magnificent building. As a result of the fire, which seems to have completely gutted this structure, people will no longer be able to experience these once breathtaking views. This cathedral is among the most famous landmarks in Paris, drawing in around 13 million tourists a year, this opportunity and part of our history has now gone forever as it was. We hope a program to rebuild does happen.

This unfortunate event of the fire cannot be changed, however though the use of technology, in particular 3D/360 virtual tours there could have been substitute. We are in the age of digitalisation, whereby everything is available online, so why not take advantage of this technological development. There are multiple industries which benefit from a virtual tour and this doesn’t stop when it comes to buildings of significance. The method of uploading simple photographs is becoming archaic and does not convey the space well enough, this is where virtual tours come in to their own. They allow online visitors to be immersed in and engage with the space, giving them a feel of what it is currently like or in this case, what it was like.

If you are responsible for a building of note, be that historical, religious or of any other importance, now is the ideal time to act to make sure these iconic spaces are recorded for prosperity, on the hope that nothing ever happens. If the worst should occur, people will still be able to virtually visit. They can get a feel for what the space was like and through the use of digital asset tagging, it can also act as a virtual museum, providing information on things such as artwork and high value items. Another benefit is there should be less questioning when it comes to insurance valuation as the space was fully documented through a virtual tour. This 3D/360 virtual technology can also be utilised if and when there is any recreation of the building after any damage through the use of BIM data which we collect while we scan.

At View Your Space, not only can we create you a virtual tour using the latest technology we can also provide you with help to embed your tour on your website and social media platforms. These tours can also be added to Google street view which is a great tool to allows users go inside virtually anywhere on earth using Google Maps. Using this tool for a significant building can enhance your Google visibility and draw traffic to it. Be sure to document your building of importance today.


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