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Are you fully booked for Christmas?

With the Christmas party season just around the corner are you still trying to make sure your restaurant is fully booked. We have found through market research with so many venues to choose from over this Christmas period, offering parties, set meal menus, menus that include a drink package it becomes harder, not easier for potential customers to make decisions.

So if you can add something different to tip the balance so you could pick up these indecisive decision makers and get these people sitting at your tables you have achieved your goal.

Regardless of what end of the market your establishment caters for have you asked yourself, are you doing enough to fill these spare seats and if the results aren’t working, what could you do differently to make you stand out from the your competitors?

Have you considered using new technologies to try and capture your future clients imagination and desire to make a decision and visit your restaurant?

We create a 3D / 360 virtual tour that put potential customers inside your restaurant then create an interactive tour providing highlights that will tempt them to book. This along with 4K high definition resolution (HDR) images which can be added to the restaurants website and shared via social media to promote and boost booking. From our one time visit we can also supply a 2D floor plan that could be used to optimise the space and improve the layout. Finally our internal tour can be linked to Google Street View so your customer can walk in from the street to your restaurant.

As a restaurant owner / manager if you think this is something that could help you at this time please get in touch. As a form of online marketing this is probably the most cost effective you will come across and we realise this is a time sensitive task that we will be able to deliver on.


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