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Jump start your client’s marketing strategy for 2019

As we say goodbye to 2018, have you thought about how your marketing campaigns for clients in 2019 will be a cut above the rest?

As consumers we barely click on adverts, ‘sponsored’ posts irritate us and we are constantly unsubscribing to email newsletters. So why should you, as marketers continue to plug away at these methods? The days have come where digital marketing campaigns need something more; more interactive, more engaging and more ‘real.’

In recent years technology has seen an introduction into the realms of virtual reality and immersive media across a number of industries, from small businesses to major brands. Some of the biggest brands, such as Mercedes and Thomas Cook have successfully integrated VR and 3D/360 virtual tours into their marketing strategy. The question then stands, are you also creating campaigns that offer better, more intuitive experiences for customers?

If not, this is something to think about as we approach the new year, at View Your Space we can offer this service to you using the latest 3D/360 VR technology. This isn’t about jumping on this next technological bandwagon, using our creative solutions will give you a powerful marketing tool that can easily be applied into your clients portfolio, through social media campaigns, content marketing and websites. This interactive advertising via 3D/360 virtual tours is more successful than the traditional forms of media in terms of reach, engagement and sales.

As a marketer your mission is to get your client seen and what better way to get them seen than showing potential customers exactly what they will experience. Virtual tours can increase brand transparency by giving a true sense of actually being there. By tapping into this technology you will be able to offer your client customised creative solutions across a number of different industries; from selling more homes, increasing hospitality bookings, selling more tickets, creating excitement to visualising event space.

Today you need to have strategies that appeal to the ever increasingly technology focussed population and both social media and digital campaigns are at the forefront of this. There is a lot online so now more than ever it is important to create unique content for your client to cut through this. Incorporating this 3D/360 marketing tool into a campaign will enable you to do this, attracting new clients, increasing visibility and brand promotion whilst remaining ahead of the competition.

At View Your Space we can work with you to create content for distribution to the many platforms that are now common place and measure the interaction. So, make that jump into the world of creative content, benefitting both you and your client.


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