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New Empty Property Costs Money

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

As a property developer you will be all to aware the longer your new development remains unsold the bigger the negative effect on your profit & loss account. So don't stand by and watch, act now. We are particularly looking to work with new clients that haven't considered using this technology in the past. It could be you were aware of 3D tours and virtual staging and the positives it could bring but thought it was too costly to use. Let's have a no commitment chat and see if we can highlight all the benefits and alleviate your concerns on cost

Our 3D virtual tour solution can help in more than just marketing of the property once complete which on it's own is a big plus. We can provide all the relevant marketing tools to assist, the 3D tour, high definition pictures, 2D & 3D floor plans all from the one visit. However we see working with you in the early days of the development, pre completion is where you can get the most from this technology in readying your property for the market, reduce time it sits unsold.

You know that during the build process as a developer you will feel or have the need to visit the site on a to check on how the build is progressing, however site managers can see this as undermining their position or if you just have a small team on site that to can question the trust you have placed in them. In addition to you visiting, the local building inspector will want to pay a visit from time to time as well. Even the purchaser of the property may want to take a look.

We can visit site a number of times during the build process and capture the property so visual inspections can be carried out from anywhere at any time, the scanning that collects the data can take place at weekends so not to interfere with the build. "In-tour" video meetings can then be used to talk over any problems or amendments. Plus this data can be retained so if a problem develops later in the process you can refer back to previous scans.

Another service that we can provide and can really shorten the "break-in ground to sale" time frame is virtual staging. This means you can start to market your development once the property is water-tight and first fix is completed. At this point we can scan the property and either create a full set of still images or a full 3D walk-through tour, the choice is yours and can be changed anytime after our visit, the options of style are considerable and relatively inexpensive especially compared to the the value you should unlock by selling earlier than waiting for the property to be completed.


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