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The Open Evening that keeps giving.

As education establishments work their way through the COVID-19 maze while operating as normally as possible while trying to keep the environment safe for staff and students, there are new challenges on the horizon, the next, the Open Evening.

One argument could be that you can find other ways to address the current government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 so why incur the expense? One answer is that no last minute change in guidelines will impact your virtual open evening with our solution. You will be able to walk visitors around your school showing them all the benefits along the way. Support from 2 to 50 people per tour and when the open evenings season is over which can now be longer and during school times you can put the tour to a number of other uses, as listed.

Cleaning contracts, we work with a third party facilities management company that can use the data we collect during the scanning process. With this data they can calculate the market rate for cleaning your facility taking into account the size, type and design. You can then use this model to help negotiate with your cleaning provider to achieve cost saves. Please take a look at

Need to plan works and get quotation from multiple contractors, send them the tour and wait for the quote, no disruption to the school day, your pupils will be safer, all the measurements they need can be taken from within the tour. We can also provide complete building drawing plans if required.

A 3D/360 model is a great way for new students to never get lost in "big" school plus they can get parental/carer involvement by being able to walk them through their day.

A copy of the digital twin scan can be provided to local emergency service provider so entry points for quick access and direction to any area of the school can form part of their response plans.

Our 360 tours have ability to easily embed access to other media such as video so as an example video instruction to scientific equipment, I.T. or gym equipment could be included. Freeing up your teaching staff to concentrate on teaching.

Hopefully this can give you a feel for what is achievable with a virtual tour .


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