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Virtual Personal Trainer, could they work ?

Now in today’s culture of keeping fit and looking could we all afford a personal trainer at the gym?

The guys and girls who push and drive us from apparatus to apparatus and then instruct or remind us on whats needed as each stage along the way do a great job and are arguably there is no other way for some people. However the big problem and the reason more people don’t take up this service, is cost. So is there another way?

We believe through the use of technology this can reduce the cost to a point where everyone can afford to have a “personal trainer” plus the gymnasium can use the same 360 virtual tour to promote the facility.

We create a “normal" Matterport 3D / 360 virtual tour which in addition to providing a tour of the gym which can be added the the gym’s website and shared via social media to promote and boost membership. From this we can also provide 4K HDR images plus supply a 2D floor plan that could be used to optimised the space and improve the layout.

Then we take the original tour and can create individual personalised tours for each member or group of members and through the use of on screen hotspots display instruction, written, verbal or a short video showing the gym member what is expected of them. This tour over time can be amended and updated as the member’s fitness changes. As the tour can be viewed on any device such as a mobile phone it can be carried with the gym member on their personalised tour.

As a gym owner if this is something you believe could benefit your membership please get in touch.


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